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Social Media Management

We manage and create content for ALL your social media accounts.


A social media management and content creation company 

who we are

Love the Work

Social Media Management is one of those things people know they need but don't always love to do themselves.

We spend all day on social media, literary, and manage all of our clients' accounts. If that is what you are looking for then we might be the company for you.

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what we do

Building Ahead

Is your goal is to grow your number of customers? Improve your ROI? It is important to set up a clear and extensive plan before launching any major social media campaign.

As with any brand building, social media campaigns need to well structured and thoughtful, otherwise you'll lose a lot of time and money.

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how we work

Work Efficiently

Deliberate, focused, and meaningful daily interaction with your audience. This approach is crucial fo building credibility.

Building a brand, website or social media presence all require a lot of effort. Consistently engaging with your audience/customers is the key when building up a business or a band.

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Work Efficiently

With every project the goal is the same: to create a social media presence that will make your business shine and give you an edge in your industry.  Our group takes real pride in each and every job we do, and can take on projects of all sizes.

Our obsession is building effective and meaningful projects that will attract a growing audience. If that is what you are looking for, then we might be a company for you.

case study

See how we conducted a social media campaign from scratch and made it the leading page in its field.

Our Services

Social Media

We will manage all of your social media outlets. After evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your current social media platform, we will make necessary plans and adjustments that will make your social voice heard.

Day-to-Day Management

All of your social media outlets will be managed on daily basis. Posting too much or too little can turn off your customers; we will ensure you get just the right reach.


Public Relations, Product Launches, Events... anything relevant that is happening in your business we advertise/promote on all of your social platforms.

Our Expertise

We have years of experience developing social media campaigns, building audiences and designing content.

Like many, we first got introduced to social media with Facebook in 2005, and like most people we first had fun managing our own accounts. After a few years this hobby became a passion, and the passion a career. Since then we have built and managed dozens of social media accounts and websites.



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What our happy clients are saying

From all the companies we reached out Martin and his staff at Apollo Media were the most experienced, excited and eager to help! We are exited to have them managing our social media websites.

John Miller

Excellent service! Highly recommended! They will take all the necessary time to understand your business and your needs. They execute on your plan thoroughly. My social media is taken care of!

Mellanie joy

As a small business owner with a job and a family, I had no time and didn’t know where to begin with social media. Hiring Apollo Media to take over my social media needs was one of the cheapest and smartest choices I’ve made. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… they post everything frequently and people absolutely love the post they make for us!

william s.
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